MYSTU手机客户端功能简介(Mobile Phone Client User Manual)

请点击  下载MYSTU手机客户端,目前只支持安卓系统。

Please click  to download MYSTU mobile phone client, currently only supports the Android system.



Enter the campus account with the password, click on login. After landing will enter the page (if no course will display a blank page)


As shown in the picture, you can pull right of the screen into the system menu, or pull left into the notification page.



Click on the term can see various curriculum you learning this semester, to take a course can enter the course discussion page.


Click the small triangle icon on the top of the page, can enter the message page (right picture)


Above left, below each message there're 3 keys, and its function is:


Click on that you like the content of the message, click on the icons after turning red, and then click the cancel love once, icon into gray, behind the figures to show that how many people like this message;


Click it seems you collect this message, the icon turns red, then click again the icon of a cancel, the icon changes back to the grey,  the numbers behind show how many people are there collect this message;


Click to view the message reply pages,the figures show that the total number of messages.


Click the small triangular dropdown above, can reply to messages, method of the same as sending message, but can't upload the picture,


My Event, after I click will show you all events have participated. Then choose an event will enter the details page.


If you click on the top right of the "have to" button, is to cancel to participate in the event. This button will also become "join" words.


Event details page shows the summary, time, place, event organizers, activity pictures and participants. You can initiate a discussion, finally share it to other social platform.


Finally, My sharing and My following are the same as Webpage version. Its operation is the same with my course. No more explanation here.

三、活动与项目 Event and Project


Here you can view all the recent events and projects, including the upcoming and past activities and projects. The operation is the same as above.


Click on a project into the project details page, the only difference between projects and events, projects can only pay attention to, and not directly involved in.

四、设置与个资料 Setting and profile


Setup can import the personal agenda into the other platform , such as mobile phone calendar


Enter the setting page, click to import calendar.


Select the first one :My Calendar, then you can view in your mobile phone.


In the top of profile page you can view the personal information, below is the view all messages you sent previous. At the same time also can drop at the top of the small triangle to send a message, send out information can be observed in "my share" page.

五、通知页面 Notification

Enter the notification page, can sift the options above to check a variety of notification information.